1 week old

Today the pups are already 1 week old! Time flies!
All 9 of them are now chubby and develope nicely!

Mom Farah is a dedicated mom. She sleep in the puppy pen all the time. Feeding and washing her pups.

Here are some mixed picture from their first week! From day 2 until today. Click on them and see them larger in a slide show:


Presentation of Adoreas Ridged I-litter

Here they are! Our beauties ❤

Mr Black – so far correct
Mr Blue – so far we only can see one crown in the ridge
Miss Brown – so far correct
Miss Green – so far correct
Miss Grey – so far correct
Miss Orange – so far correct
Miss Purple -so far correct
Miss Red – so far correct
Miss Yellow – a very offset ridge

So far no DS or kinked tails are discovered. Many thank’s to Hilde Winter that visited us today to help me check our litter for DS!

Mr Black
Mr Blue
Miss Brown
Miss Green
Miss Grey
Miss Orange
Miss Purple
Miss Red
Miss Yellow

The birth of Adoreas Ridged I-litter

Wednesday evening we vent to bed ready to welcome the puppies any time.

Farah was laying close to me, and I thought that nothing would happen during the night because she seems so calm.

04:30 I woke up by Farah laying on the floor breathing heavily. Like they always do the last hours before the birth started. I remembered I thought that perhaps during the morning time or later that day the birth will start. And then I fall a sleep again.

05:10 I woke up and heard Farah licking a lot of water besides me. I put my glasses on and saw a pup half way out of her. I followed her into the puppy pen, turned on the heating lamp, and the first pup was born! A girl!

05:35 Another girl

05:40 The first boy

My husband vent to school and our oldest son woke up. He got the biggest smile I have ever seen when he saw the pups! He joined us for the three next pups to be delivered, then he and his little brother vent to kindergarden with my kind parents in law. My kind dad also came to visit so I have a co-birth helper.

06:10 A girl

06:35 A girl

07:15 A girl

07:45 A stillborn boy

08:40 A boy

09:40 A girl

10:50 A girl

We now have 9 pups in the puppy pen! Farah delivered 10 pups, but sadly one of the boys was still born (dead). That’s the way nature is sometimes.
We think she is finished now, but it’s too early to be quite sure.
We are so happy for the 9 miracles we have in the puppy pen. Our vet told us when we took the ultra sound that it would be a small litter of 3-4 pups. But after seeing her belly growing I guessed 6-8 pups. So this is more than we hoped for!
The insemination was done on a Sunday and since they don’t analyze progesteron tests during weekends our closest possibility to run a test was Thursday (and sent to Oslo it was analyzed on Friday). And then I had to decide the best timing for the precious drops of the Russian male, Voice, was supposed to be inseminated. I thought Sunday, and the guru Ragnar Thommasen agreed and was willing to come to work on a Sunday.
This litter is so special to me. My sweet little girl, Farah, and this stunning male, Voice! ❤ I can’t wait to see them grow up!
Now I will rest and just enjoy the sight of Farah and the pups!


Farah almost 8 weeks pregnant

Today it’s 8 weeks since Farah was inseminated with the precious drops from Voice. So during the next week we will meet the little ones hiding in her belly! We can’t wait! So excited!!!!

2 days ago we took these pictures of her.

Our son Oscar (4,5 years old) trying to stack her outside in the cold. Not an easy job 😉 Click on the first picture to see them larger:

And a couple of pictures taken inside the house: