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Excursion to Aud’s garden at Hove

Yesterday we took the pups for a drive to Hove, and Aud’s big garden. The grown ups (Farah and India) and the pups got to run with her big Toller male Janko.
It’s 25 minutes each way, and on our way home we stopped several times to do some errands. But the pups slept all the way! Good puppies!!!

And when we come home the pups eat their dinner outside:

5 weeks stacks

Better late than sorry!
Here are the 5 weeks stacks of our sweeties!



Mr Black (so far correct)

Me Blue (missing a crown in his ridge)

Miss Brown (kinked tail)

Miss Green (so far correct)

Miss Grey (so far correct)

Miss Orange (overbite)

Miss Purple (so far correct)

Miss Red (not sure of her ridge has one or two crowns)

Miss Yellow (big offset in ridge)

Names that start with I

All the pups in the litter will have names that start with “I”. Can you help us with some more suggestions?

Boys: Iro, Indy, Imogen, Ivan, Ink, Isaia, Icon, Ice, Ibis, Iggy, Igor, Imbus, Image, Indigo, Impuls, Inferno, Iran, Ironi, Iron, Isan, Isidor, Ibrahim, Ibux, Ian, Icaros, Idol, Ike, Idog, Ilter, Ild, Ivrig, Ilios.

Girls: Imma, Iman, Ilya, Ilma, Ilyssa, Irmine, Isolde, Iiona, Irven, Ivy, Inez, Ivanka, Iba, Ilze, Indra, Inca, Itana, Issa, Irma, Irana, Ipa, Iris, Iran, Inaja, Imba, Inessa, Inea, Ibiza, Ici, Inaya, Indira, Izzie, Ira, Impi, Imre, Iora, Ilona, Ia, Iwea, Inna.

Can you help us with some more?

Adoreas Ridged Ilo, Ibzen and Iva are the names that is decided so far!

The pups 5 weeks old

The pups are now 5 weeks old, and they are now a lot more active! And they are really loud and make lot’s of noise when they are playing!
Mom Farah’s milk are still their favourite, but the dog food are really tasty aswell. They start to scream when they understand that the food is comming!

Yesterday we had Adorea’s talented photografer, Maria Sundsdal, here for a visit, and she had a photo shoot with the pups on their 5 weeks birthday! Thank you so much for the pictures, Maria! ❤ Enjoy:

Mr Black

Mr Blue

Miss Brown

Miss Green

Miss Grey

Miss Orange

Miss Purple

Miss Red

Miss Yellow